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You play as the world's greatest spy… on the weekend. Pick up some extra cash as a taxi driver, delivering people around the world to their destination in your own personal malfunctioning, out of control spy car. Deliver as many passengers as possible, cause the least amount of destruction, and have as much fun in the allotted time! 

-= Controls =-

A and D to steer left and right

Spacebar to drift

F to reset car's orientation

-= Credits =-

Fergus Coyne  @Profergusional -  Portfolio  - Modeling/Texturing/UI

Claire Monaghan @clairemonart - Modeling/Texturing

Bethany Wilson @Bethanyanimates - Animation

Jimmy  @jimolothew - Portfolio - Programming

Michael Macapagal - Portfolio  - Music/Sound Effects

Additional Voices-

James Craig  jamescraig615@gmail.com 

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AuthorsFergus Coyne, Michael Macapagal, Bethany Animates, Jimbojam, Claire Monaghan
Tagsbond, control, crazy, game, james, of, out, Singleplayer, taxi


BondPun.zip 111 MB


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Nice voices!

Thank you for playing! We are so happy with how it turned out

Hilarious game! Car physics is a little wonky and it needs more game mechanics, but I had fun! Good job!

Thank you for playing and i'm happy you think this! We're all about people having fun playing this, it was fun to make!

Interesting concept but I found it hard to play. Nice visuals though.

Thank you for playing! I'm sorry you found it hard to play though, do you have any notes on what exactly made it hard to play?

I couldn't seem to find any taxi customers, and fitting with the theme of the jam it was really difficult to get the car towards the indicator due to some modifiers. I realize my first comment didn't sound like I really appreciated it. It's a great looking game and I think you did a great job in the time given! Keep up the good work!

Thank you! No worries with how it may have come across, I just wanted to know the details so we'd know what we could have done differently so thank you for this! 

hi this is wasd!!! THIS GAME IS SO LIT!!!

Thank you for playing! I'm happy you think so!

Nice game! The voices are great, and its pretty fun. Good Job!

Thank you for playing and i'm glad you enjoyed it! We're happy people are liking the voices

This game is hilarious, I really enjoyed the voice lines. I wouldn't play it as a full game, but its great for a jam game. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for playing and I'm happy you enjoyed it! We had a blast making it